Molly Shattuck sentenced to 48 weekends in prison for sexually abusing 15-year-old boy

Former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck was sentenced to 48 weekends in prison for sexually abusing a 15-year-old who was a friend of his son.

Molly Shattuck, 47, will have to go prey on weekends during the next two years, also will be recorded as “sexual abuser” for the next 25 years, ruled the Court of Georgetown, according to a report in local newspaper Baltimore Sun.

Molly Shattuck has gained fame as the National Football League’s oldest cheerleader — a feat she achieved in 2005 when she made the Baltimore Ravens’ squad at age 38.

According to Sports Illustrated, Molly Shattuck had a list of “10 Things I Want to Do Before I Die,” in which one of them was “Be an NFL cheerleader.”

In 2011, Molly Shattuck also appeared in one episode of the ABC show The Secret Millionaire, in which she was given away nearly $200,000.

Reports indicate that Molly Shattuck used Instagram to approach a 15-year-old friend of her son in May, and they began a flirtatious exchange. She allegedly messaged him that “we would have fun together.”

DelawareOnline reports that Shattuck’s 15-year-old son “sent the victim his mother’s cell phone number, saying, ‘You should text my Mom, she is obsessed with you.’”

In 1997, Molly married with Mayo Shattuck, who later became the multi-millionaire CEO of Constellation Energy Group. They met while working together at Alex. Brown & Sons, an investment banking firm where he was president and CEO and she was a marketing associate. Shattuck divorced his previous wife, Jennifer, in 1995.

In February 2014, Shattuck released her book, Vibrant Living. When she launched the book, the Baltimore Sun wrote that she’s a vegetarian who doesn’t drink caffeine. She told the paper that her ideas about healthy living came from growing up on a modest Pennsylvania farm. The website she uses to promote the book,, is down. Her Facebook and Instagram profiles also have been removed.

In September 2009, Molly Shattuck was named Philanthropist of the Year Award. Shattuck has been involved with the United Way for 24 years.

The Baltimore Sun reports that in the wake of her arrest, Molly Shattuck has “resigned from all her nonprofit boards.” Molly Shattuck is accused of rape, sexual misconduct and distribution of alcoholic beverages to minors.


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