We Commend Punjab Food Authority


Punjab Food Authority has continued its action against the Restaurants, bakeries and outlets that caters in confectionaries and food items on their premises in violations of hygienic and cleanliness standards. Even yesterday the officials raided the several premises and sealed various restaurants, bakeries and shops for such violations.

PFA has raided many upscale establishments and found these places unclean and filthy, and heavily fined them. It is a pity that even the reputed and expensive eateries were serving substandard and defective food items. It was expected that these places would have put their house in order, but they did not improve their conditions and surroundings. Wherever the raiding party went they found gross neglect of standards of cleanliness. It is necessary to permanently seal them and put them out of business.

All the eateries must conform and comply with the national standards of cleanliness and hygienic principles. It is imperative that the government should give exemplary punishment to the violating establishments. PFA should also look into the matter of tap and unclean water supplied in the name of mineral water, because most of the diseases are water borne. We commend the PFA for the good work.


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