80mph Tempest to Paralyze the People in UK

Forecasters proclaimed that a fierce rainstorm is going to spread across the whole country.

The Met Office issued intense weather warnings and asked the people of UK to be careful.

Gale-force Strong winds are expected to check major traveling activities while a warning of flood has also been issued in most parts of Wales. The expected rain will be in South Wales.

The temperature during the tempest is expected to be around 8°C (46°F).

Steven Keates, a Met Office forecaster, said: “It’ll be a wild start to the working week.”

The Met statistics show that 2011 has been declared the UK’s 2nd warmest year on record after 2006.

The actual happenings after the above forecasts were showed the real-time result in the form of killing a motorist on Monday when this expect strong wind became hurricane Katia and lashed Britain and Ireland with its winds at 80 mph.

The tempest turned to hurricane caused disturbance in the rail services while Tour of Britain cycle race was also checked for the time being.

In Durham, a tree fell on a car at 3 pm; the driver is said to have been killed while the passenger injured.

A roof blew off a garage and struck against an 11 years old boy; the boy was taken to the hospital.

Numerous motorway bridges across Scotland were closed for general traffic due the gusts of gale.

The National Grid of the country considered shutting numerous wind power grids due to the tempest.

“If we’ve got constraints and too much generation we’ll go back in there,” said a spokesman.


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