Amanda Bynes Faces DUI Charges and May Get Punishment

Tuesday June 05, 2012 Amanda Bynes, 26, has been facing the charges of DUI or driving under the influence of some intoxication. She was smart enough to take her case directly to the residents of the White House.

“I don’t drink,” Amanda Bynes said in a Tweet message to the Barrack Obama related recent presidential campaign. “Please fire the cop who arrested me.”

The transgression blame filed now, actually relates the April 6 detention when Amanda Bynes was caught in West Hollywood while sideswiping the police car.

The offences may lead her towards punishment.

The sources report that Amanda Bynes did not allow the police officer to use Breathalyzer or conduct the drug test.

Amanda Bynes ‘Was Not Drunk’ On Night of Arrest,” says her father.

The case is in the court and she waits it to go in her favor. But if Bynes is convicted, she will have to go to jail for 48 hours due to the reason that it will be the first such punishment that she ever receives.

Amanda Bynes will also be given three years probation period and 9 month alcohol program calluses. She may also get the penalty of the suspension of her driving license for the next one year.


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