NATO Strike in Afghanistan Kill Scores of People

The recent NATO strike leaves more than 90 dead whereas 40 civilians are also among those dead.  The NATO jet fighters opened fire at the fuel tankers that were hijacked by Taliban.

The sources said that in northern Afghanistan, NATO instigated an air attack against two fuel tankers that had been hijacked by the Taliban during the midnight time.

Again common people die and there is nobody to stand responsible!

The NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said, “A number of Taliban were killed and there is also a possibility of civilian casualties.”

The governor, Mohammad Omar, told Reuters that the dead also included the villagers who wanted to collect fuel from those tankers.

The press officer of ISAF said, “The strike was against insurgents. That’s who we believe was killed. But we are absolutely investigating [reports of civilian deaths].”

A tanker driver told the BBC representative that his two colleagues were slaughtered during the hijacking.

A doctor of the local hospital, Mohammad Humayun Khamosh, said that 13 people with burns were brought in the hospital. “It is very hard to collect dead bodies or remains from the blast because the fuel they were collecting was highly flammable,” he said.


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