US Pulls Funds Amid Corruption Allegations from Pakistan’s Sesame Street

Pakistan's Sesame Street

The future of Sim Sim Hamara has gone into doubts as the US government has finally decided to pull funding amid the corruption allegations.

The US government had allocated $20m to fund a Pakistani version of the Sesame Street show with a hope to lift Pakistan’s doleful literacy rate and to help the youth to keep away from the religious extremism. The US government states that it has pulled out its funds as the project has gone to dogs due to huge corruption and its mismanagement.

It was a co-production of the non-profit Sesame Workshop and an esteemed puppet company in Lahore, Rafi Peer Theatre.

The program went on air in last December and was to carry on for the next three seasons when the reports came from the US Agency for International Development that the US government had introverted its monetary support without disclosing any reasons in this regard.

A newspaper stated today “Elmo caught with his hand in the cookie jar!” The decision has been taken due to “severe” irregularities and corruption in the use of the allocated funds at the Rafi Peer Theater.

“Rafi Peer is proud of its association with the project and of the quality of children’s educational television programming created within Pakistan as a result,” the group expressed their feelings at the incident and denied any kind of corruption charges.


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