Venus Crosses In The Face Of the Sun

ISLAMABAD – A lifetime event of the transit of Venus started in the morning of Wednesday, June 6. The scientists claim that the journey started at O3:00 AM and will continue till 9:49 AM.

An official from Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) told in a statement that the people of Pakistan may enjoy this high-profile recreation right from the time when the sun rises till 9:50 am, told media.

This incident is a historic one and will remain visible for almost seven hours, and it is up to the  sky-watchers to plan their view of the transit so that to relish their senses with his great event.

This is once-in-life even as the next such incident would not come before the year 2117 (after 105 years).

Due to this rarity of its occurrence, the sky watchers are planning to make the event a much memorable as possible.

The astronomers and other interested people along with the university students have flocked in the observatories to watch this real-time universal happening so that to make their eyes take full advantage of the gorgeous scene.

The SUPARCO has set its experts to watch the event as it is going to be the last one during the 21st century.


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