Don’t Under-Estimate Iran’s Guts: an Emerging Power like China

Most of the people in the world view Iran with the same glasses that they used to view china during 1960’s and 1970s. The world then saw a huge economic growth and skyrocket Economic growth of one of the most organized people of the world in China. Chinese, once notorious for their sluggishness, are going to become new the leaders of the world. They are the same people who existed for centuries; the patriotic-cum-competent-cum-honest-cum-capable leadership changed and motivated them. Same is the case now with the Iranians. They are continuously getting honest, dutiful, learned and men-of-intuition as their leaders. This is not common among all nations of the world where there is a huge deficiency of leadership. As far as I have read about the new Iran and as much as my ponderings guide me, Iran is going to excel many other Muslim nations. It is going to be the leader of many nations around it including almost all of the neighboring countries. It is not merely a pray or wish; my viewpoint is based on hard facts and educated guesses.

We saw china making history in the technological and economic progress and taking the longest ever leap in the history of the world to make the fastest and unprecedented progress in a few decades. Iran is in no way behind. All the restrictions on Iranian (1) culture, (2) economy, (3) religious beliefs and (4) industry have simply failed to curb them. All these four aspects are all the time on the move in the positive direction in this country. The opponent forces were able to slow down the process only but they could not stop them.

Pakistan is facing a dilemma of whether to go close to Iran or not. The problem is great as almost all other nations including major Islamic countries are against it. But, the situation is changing to a great deal not due to the haphazard or unknown reasons; it is rather due to specific known reason, facts, consistently patriotic-cum-competent-cum-honest-cum-capable leadership that has forced the world leaders to change their views about this country. It is not merely a country; it is rather a symbol of past dignity even before and after its islamization. It has been a great empire and had been a source of light and guidance for the other nations for centuries together even before Islam. Even after Islam, it produced great men of eminence for the world of knowledge.

Now, the time is changing and the prevalent world is recognizing the value of this emerging economic hub of the world. During the next 20-30 years, my educated guess says that Iran will be a leading nation. It will be a greater economic power than many other nations around it including Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Israel and even India (if compared GDP-wise).

Stop underrating and taking Iran too lightly as it is going to be one of the leaders of the world. Many other nations will be proud of having relations with this country. The country may not have as many billionaires in it as other nations have and it should not be the reason to misjudge this country; it rather proves that the government and the people are well-organized just like China and they are able to bring a sudden boost in their economic growth in the near future. It also proves that this state is going to become a welfare nation in the literal-cum-true sense of the word.

Look at some of the current estimated GDP or Gross Domestic Product (the value of all final goods and services that a state produces in one year) information about different countries including Iran in the year 2012.

Country/World IMF

GDP (PPP) $Billion

CIA World Factbook

GDP (PPP) $Billion

World Bank

GDP (PPP) $Billion

World 82,762 83,120 85,538
Pakistan 515 523.9 518
Iran 988 1,016 838 (in 2009)
China 12,261 12,610 12,471
Saudi Arabia 741 921.7 682
USA 16,244 15,940 15,685
India 4,716 4,761 4,793
European Union 16,092 15,970 16,805


(Here PPP stands for Purchasing Power Parity).

Stop underrating Iran and start establishing new and organic ties with it. This is a message for all countries of the world.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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