Jewels (Gemstones) of Pakistan – Arena of War – USA’s Romance with Iran

Pakistan is a country that excels many others in many ways. It is a country that has practically become the area of cold war among USA, India, Britain, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Afghanistan, China and many other countries. Every country wants to have a Strategic-Depth in Pakistan and they are heading forward with their evil or good designs. Some of them want to make Pakistan find a respectable position in the world while others want it to go down to the drenches of oblivion. Anyway, this multi-dimensional drama is on-the-go and Pakistani nation is fighting against this un-announced ‘cold war’ that is going on for many decades here.

My insight (which is always based on hard facts) tells me that this unannounced cold-war in Pakistan is going to reach its climax in the coming 2 years when the next ultimate target of all the countries will only be Pakistan. USA has been able to curb almost all the known dangers against its Sweetest-Beloved (Israel) and is now heading towards Pakistan. It has been able to ruin Syria even without formally raiding it. The new romance of Europe and USA with Iran is also on the way. Iran’s leadership is faithful, competent, capable, patriot and honest whereas Pakistani people are having problems with the leadership bestowed with these qualities. Iran is consistently getting leadership with the above-mentioned qualities whereas Pakistan is continuously getting a leadership that is just thrust upon them through one way or the other.

Right from the day Quaid-e-Azam got hold of the newly born Pakistan in 1947, plots and games started.  Pakistan was not allowed to remain in the hands of patriots during the first few years and this was due to high influence of the British and the USA on the power-centric ‘community’ of Pakistan.

Do you know that the first two army chiefs of Pakistan were the British nationals? (They were General Sir Frank Walter Messervy and General Douglas David Gracey). They set a pattern and designed such a method to make it sure that the center-of-power (army) remains under their control. The leaked reports of the past 65 years reveal that the USA has always been having hideous-close ties with Pakistani political leadership and the high-ranked establishment/bureaucracy. The design of controlling lower ranks of officials and masses is still the same as was left by the British. The only reason of not disturbing it is that the method has WORKED WELL.

This was one side of the picture of the issue. The other side of the picture is that the people of Pakistan are facing the heinous ever crimes and plots against them. The rival forces are grounding Pakistani people to meet their designs. The Pakistani masses have become toys in the hands of other nations as Shakespeare (in King Lear) would have put it:

“As flies to wanton boys are we to th’ gods.

They kill us for their sport.”

Pakistani masses have become so helpless that they are looking towards a true leader who may bring them out of this chaos. They want a leadership like that of China, Malaysia and Iran – the patriotic-cum-competent-cum-honest-cum-capable leadership. I plead the establishment and the authorities to let the true leadership emerge itself through the most honest means. Let’s allow the Courts-of-Law and the Election Commission of Pakistan to adopt their true roles of bringing justice to the society.

Let’s use all of our intellect against all the above-mentioned foreign and the inner enemies. Let’s remain away from the craze of wealth, land-mafia, power-worshippers, etc. This is the nation that deserves peace and let’s go ahead to bring PEACE (ISLAM) on this Pak-land.

Let’s make it certain that nobody ever raises a question against the sanctity of elections (local bodies, by-elections or General Elections) in future by making them literally fair and free.

Let’s allow the true leaderships of all areas of the country emerge. Let’s pave the way (by using fair means) for national leaders to makes alliances with the local influential leaders so that to strengthen the nation’s unity. All these actions will lead the nation to get true leadership. These leaders will act like ‘gemstones’ (jewels) for Pakistan.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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