Allergic disease Asthma in children: 7 solutions against mites

For most children with asthma, the disease is allergic. Most responsible for respiratory allergies: dust mites. It is therefore essential to their hunting to prevent asthma attacks.

Focus on synthetic comforters

“Do-not accumulate lint in the room and the bed of your asthmatic child, advises Dr. Silcret-Grieu. Four or five is enough, and choose the plastic, easier to wash, and therefore less prone to mites than those of wool or sheepskin. “Once a month, wash at 60 ° C.

Other anti-mite tip: lock in a plastic bag to plush toys and let them overnight in the freezer.

Dry air of the room

“Cool and dry room air, two living conditions adverse to the development of mites, airing every day in great room for at least 15 minutes,” advises the allergist.

In the spring, if your child is sensitive to pollens, open the windows early in the morning and late at night, to prevent allergens from entering the room.

Avoid humidity drying laundry, aquarium plant … Forget also dehumidifiers and air purifiers: “They have not proven effective against mites.”

Often change his bedding

The bedding is the preferred habitat of mites! “I recommend to parents of children with asthma to buy a cheap pillow and change every two years,” says Dr. Silcret-Grieu.

The mattress should be changed every five years. Prefer bedding with slats because air circulates better, and avoid sleeping futons that make the child too close to the ground.

In case of bunk beds, place your child up so that it is less contact with allergens in the mattress top.

Look for mattresses, duvets and synthetic pillows because they hold less dust and wash at 60 ° C every quarter. Wash sheets every two days.

And as the mites do not like to UV during spring cleaning, consider putting duvet, pillow and mattress even at the window for at least 30 minutes.

Opt for a cover anti-mite

Another way to protect your child and keep bedding longer: enclose the mattress and pillow in a bag that will barrier to dust mites.

It should be medical grade and microporous material to allow air to pass but not small animals. Choose it without chemical treatment with a zipper for wrapping bedding.

Several brands offer: Immunoctem, Acar Seat Covers (Karapharm) Dom’Hous … If he has to sleep with her grandparents, your child can take the dust mite cover, it will be protected even away from home!

Invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner

Once a week, vacuum the floor and the mattress with a device equipped with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter at least level 13 and make sure the air flow and depression are higher 30.

Prefer a decorative dust

Dust can contain incredible amounts of dust mites. So it is best not to let it settle.

The decor, choose furniture with smooth those grooved or perforated surfaces because they are easier to clean, forget the carpet and curtains, true “dust traps” and install flooring and blinds, easy to maintain.

When cleaning, remember dusters and brushes that simply move dust, and opt for the cloth and microfiber cloths quality (at least 30% polyamide).

Finally, to avoid the dust nestles in clothes store them instead in a closed cabinet. And when you need to replace winter clothing for those summer clothes; enclose them in a sealed cover.

Offer him a trip to the mountains

“Above 1200 m, there is more mites,” says Dr. Silcret-Grieu. Also, mountain holidays are all indicated.

This is the best way to put your child away from these small animals, improve the respiratory wellness and avoid too much work cleaning during your holidays!


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