Allergy Day (18th of March): 7 symptoms that should alert

Runny nose, sneezing … It comes back every spring cold that you appear Benin. Error: untreated, it may progress to severe allergy. 18th of March is the Day of Allergy.

“It’s not a cold.” A French three suffers from allergies *. And generally take lightly this banal affection.

Fatalism against which the Allergy and Asthma Association has decided to react. On the eve of the National Day of allergy, it warning about the dangers of untreated rhinitis:

  • in 30% of cases, it evolves in asthma;
  • more generally, people with severe allergic rhinitis have trouble sleeping four times greater;
  • 37% of men experience erectile dysfunction.


Touet allergy, however slight, can progress and worsen. Several factors come into play: heredity (family atopy), living conditions (active or passive smoking, habitat, diet …

Make an assessment with a specialist allows you to assess your personal risk and implement appropriate treatment.

It is recommended to check if you have the first symptoms of an allergy, whether respiratory or food contact:

  • runny nose is clogged, or scratches;
  • itchy eyes or crying;
  • repeated sneezing;
  • buttons on the body or swelling;
  • difficulty in breathing;
  • cough;
  • itching around the mouth after eating certain foods.


Your doctor will refer you to an allergist. It is this specialist will confirm the diagnosis and identify the one or more allergen (s) involved by skin tests. If necessary, a blood sample (IgE) is produced.

In some cases of food allergy, the allergist is a practical test oral challenge which is to ingest increasing amounts of the suspected food in a secure environment, to determine the dose at which the patient responds.

In case of suspicion of asthma, pulmonary function or EFR (measuring of breath) is required to assess its impact and implement treatment.

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