Devices such as Dehumidifiers: They fight against mold

At home, these devices are needed beyond a rate of 60% moisture, because the growth of bacteria, dust mites or mold making unhealthy atmosphere. We spend 70% of our time in confined spaces. Can we improve the quality of indoor air?

The air we breathe is more polluted inside the house and outside. The furniture, paint, flooring, appliances, or cleaning products emit many molecules chemicals into the air. Pets, dust mites and molds produce allergens, not to mention bacteria and viruses that spread infections.

In total, our interior contains hundreds of pollutants.   The chemical particles, allergens, mold, as well as moisture or dryness of the air can promote or aggravate respiratory problems.

To address these concerns, appliance stores offer dehumidifiers. But what are they worth?


These devices suck moist air, and the cool filter using a capacitor. The water is stored in the tank or discharged by a system of permanent drainage.

The extraction capacity of water is indicated on the record: it is expressed in liters per day is the power of the device under ideal conditions.

The power required depends on the size of the unit and its moisture content. An extraction capacity of 20 to 25 may be suitable for the average home for 4 people, a capacity of 10 l to 15 l enough for a bathroom.

Dehumidifiers DH10, Proline 16, € 119.90,; OF 16EW DeLonghi 17, € 278,

Advantages: it is more powerful. Most models are equipped with a humidistat that will stop the machine when the desired humidity level is reached and avoid power consumption.

Cons: these devices can be a bit noisy at full speed: 25 dB to 50 dB, which is equivalent to the noise of a modern washing machine. And their performance decreases rapidly below 15 ° C.


The air sucked by a fan passes through silicagel equipped capture moisture that wheel. It is converted into water and collected in a recovery tank.

Advantages: these devices are effective from 1 ° C, and can also operate in garages or basements. They are quiet enough (around 30 dB).

Cons: dehumidifiers are generally less powerful than the condensing models. And they consume a lot of energy (450-550 watts).


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