Exotic food; attention to,and increase in allergies!

For fifteen years, a wave of exotic products has gripped our plates. Raw fish, spices and tropical fruits seduce many buds. The reverse? The increase in allergies.

Like traveling on your plate? A culinary tour of the world that can also book surprises.


Sushi eaters, beware! Consumption of raw fish, if it allows sampling other flavors, is not without danger. There is a risk, even if you are not allergic to fish. “The raw tuna, especially when it is not very cool, may be responsible for a” false “allergy without risk of anaphylactic shock”, says Dr Catherine Quequet.

Indeed, when the fish is kept in a refrigerated wrong place, the presence of bacteria causes degradation of muscle histidine to histamine, a substance naturally secreted by human cells during the allergic process. This explains the symptoms of this false allergy: rash, headache, vomiting, diarrhea … one rule to follow: to ensure the freshness of the tuna.

Also attention to the anisakidose … “The sea fish, such as salmon, herring, may be infected with a worm, which bears the name of Anisakis simplex. This parasite is responsible for infection and, in some individuals, allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shock in case of reinfestation. Common in Japan, this infection is manifested in the following ingestion by intestinal disorders hours. It is increasingly common in France with fashion raw fish,” says Dr. Catherine Quequet. One way to protect yourself: freeze the fish for twenty-four hours – 20 ° C.


Soy consumption is fairly recent. The problem stems from its use in the food industry and its presence hidden in products sometimes unexpected.

If you are allergic to soy, be especially vigilant on the composition of certain biscuits, vegetable broths, cereals, ice cream, minced meat dishes … This is easier for a European decree requires manufacturers to indicate on labels His presence, even in trace amounts. Do not give to children allergic to cow’s milk!

“We must warn parents whose children suffer from an allergy to cow’s milk especially not to replace it with drink soy because of cross allergies are observed. Only casein hydrolysates can be given. Similarly, in the case of intolerance to cow’s milk, it is recommended to use a drink soy because it is irritating,” said Dr.Quequet.

Finally, if you are allergic to soy, be aware that there is cross-allergies with peanuts, beans and peas. Watch and see an allergist if you see the beginnings of a reaction in case of consumption of these products.


Curry, paprika, cinnamon are particularly allergenic, but it is often difficult to identify. Some spices are actually used in products to enhance the flavor: a famous brand of fruit yoghurts for children in addition to the preparation of paprika!

“Only skin tests at an allergist possible to truly identify allergens,” said Dr. Catherine Quequet.

If you are allergic to birch pollen and mugwort, watch the onset of warning when you eat spices signs of cross allergies were observed.


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