Finish with allergic rhinitis, caused and triggered by pollens as well as by mites

Mostly triggered by pollens, allergic rhinitis may also be caused by mites. Experts explain how to treat them.

Runny nose, sneezing, itchy … seasonal rhinitis, or hay fever, take a few weeks to a few months. Throughout the year if the mites are responsible.


An antihistamine tablet (one per day) is sufficient for mild rhinitis, “those that do not prevent them from going to school, pass exams or working r, notes Prof. Antoine Magnan, and penumologue allergist. The local corticosteroid action in the nose, or is recommended as second-line or when rhinitis is more serious. ”

The treatment lasts one to several months, “the idea is to initiate early March to late April, the minimum, says Dr. Marie-Christine Delsaux allergist.

Allergenic molecules trees, primarily birch, are small and often induce respiratory problems. Better deal quickly. Otherwise, it worsens to the asthma or other allergies”.

Some antihistamines are available without prescription, such as those based on cetirizine ( Zyrtec set , Drill allergy …).

“It may be the same specialty and the same molecules sold without a prescription and more expensive. It’s interesting to troubleshoot, but it is better to encourage them to consult with adapted and supported” said analysis Prof. Magnan.

Beware though drugs that combine antihistamines and vasoconstrictors! “They treat nasal obstruction, but they are against-indicated in cases of hypertension,” warns Dr. Delsaux.


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