The ‘END’ to Asian Hornet is near; 70% of the French territory is colonized

The Asian hornet has colonized 70% of the French territory. But thanks to researchers Touraine, its existence is threatened in the short term.

Researchers at the Institute for Research on the biology of the insect, at the University of Tours (37), have discovered a parasite: the vesicularis CONOPS; a small fly can cause the disappearance of the Asian hornet.

In spring, it lays its eggs on the queens of Asian hornets. Then the larva of this small fly develops in the abdomen of hornet and in less than two weeks, the queen dies. However, a colony of hornets never survives his queen.


This discovery is a first step in eradicating the Asian hornet. Before using this parasite, researchers must first ensure that it only destroys the Asian hornet and not other beneficial species like bees.

The Touraine researchers are seeking to develop a selective trap which will be available late 2015. The prototype already appears to be effective in 99%. This trap works with a pheromone lure, that is to say based molecules emitted by these hornets.

This trap will include beekeepers to save their hives decimated in part by the Asian hornet which is used for food.


With a size greater than 30 mm, the hornet’s scary. Its bite can be serious. In case of bite, you must:

  • immediately remove the stinger and disinfect the wound with un antiseptic product ;
  • if necessary, take a pain reliever.
  • In case of abnormal reaction (severe swelling, malaise …) take an antihistamine or corticosteroid and tell the ambulance (telephone number: 15 or 112).



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