What could be ‘Good’ treatment for asthma?

Responsible for asthma, the most common allergens are found inside the housing: mites, animal dander and molds. Specialists advise to follow the right treatment.

During the attacks of asthma, treatment is based on the use of bronchodilators, the leader being the Ventolin, “on demand and without limitation. Once you are embarrassed, you must take two puffs “, says Professor Antoine Magnan, pulmonologist and allergist.

The specialist recommended to have on oneself and not to seek to save. “It is useless if you are not well, asthma will get worse and it will take more, more late.”


Inhaled corticosteroids once or twice per day are, themselves, background processing, which takes all day even when going well.

“This is an anti-inflammatory treatment for local action to prevent the onset of symptoms. As corticosteroids do not pass into the bloodstream, they can be taken for years if necessary, as devoid of classical side effects of corticosteroids.

“It must be to find the minimum effective dose, because there is no reason to take more than necessary,” says pulmonologist.

Syrups stamped “allergic cough” are unnecessary, however, and according to Professor Magnan can be confusing: “I repeat, allergic cough is Asthma.”


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