6 June: National Day of Discovery Allergies

6 June is National Day of Discovery allergies organized by the French Association for the Prevention of Allergies. In fifteen years, the number of people with allergies has doubled in Western countries. Dr. Pierre Richez, referring physician and allergist School Asthma Marseille (13) answers questions from Health Magazine.

Health Magazine: “Why are allergies on the rise in children?”

Dr. Pierre Richez: “Since 1980, one in three born after that date is allergic to 30% of the French population. And for the future, it would seem that by 2020 half of the population is concerned.

About food allergy, it seems that parents do more pleasure in feeding children! For example, we have noticed an increase in allergy to kiwi in children because parents want to discover this fruit, perhaps too early for their child. Moreover, tests of food allergy and respiratory allergy tests have been developed and can be practiced from an early age. They can detect certain allergies in young children even if desensitization for respiratory allergies may not occur until later.”

“What advice can you give to parents?”

“I think it’s important to go gradually in the diet of children there. It is necessary to be reasonable and to accustom them gradually by including certain foods. There are two times more food allergies for five years.

Found in food allergies, the most common is egg allergy (34%), the peanut (25%) or cow’s milk (9%), fish (5%) and wheat (2%).

We also note that allergy to kiwi (1%) and mustard (1%) is on the rise!”

“The school is it a good place to raise children with allergies?”

“I think so. With national education we go on a mission in schools to teach children the manifestations of allergy, risks and existing treatments. There are courses of therapeutic education for diabetes and asthma; it would also create for food allergy.”


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