Pollen alert: Hayfever is back and so is pollen alert!

If you are allergic, the national network of monitoring Aerobiological (RNSA) calls for vigilance. This “late and massive” alert pollen is explained by the sudden return of warm weather.

The return of warm weather awaited not only has advantages. All persons subject to hay fever realize it since the beginning of the week it tickles, it itches, runny nose and red eyes. Allergy season is officially open. This is explained by the mass of pollen in the air up to three times higher than normal.

To keep informed allergo a pollen-newsletter is regularly updated on the site RNSA.

Preventive measures can be applied, especially these:

  • avoid going out in the hottest times of the day;
  • on returning in the evening, take a shower and brush your hair not to circulate pollen in the house.

If more disturbing manifestations of allergy (mainly asthma), consult your doctor or an allergist.


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