Pregnancy: The pool chemical(s) increases the risk of allergies in babies

For the past fifty years, the use of chemicals to clean pools has quintupled the risk of allergy in children.

Many expectant mothers rush to municipal pools during pregnancy to relax in the water and swim a few laps basin.

However, it seems that this habit is not as beneficial as one might think. It is in any case indicated that a study by British scientists and published in the British Journal of Dermatology.

Indeed, babies whose mother went to the pool during pregnancy have a higher risk of developing allergies and especially eczema. The culprit? Chlorine and certain chemicals.

These products affect, in utero, the immune system of the child. According to researchers, the chemicals used to clean pools have increased fivefold in fifty years, the risk of allergies in children.

This new study could worry expectant mothers because swimming is one of the recommended during pregnancy physical activity.

However, Dr. John McFadden, author of the research, not forbidden pool for pregnant women. More prudent, he believes it is necessary to wait for the other studies on the subject.


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