The wasp sting can be well dubbed ‘senior manager’ of anaphylactic shock

Increasingly common over the past thirty years, anaphylactic shock is a particularly serious allergic reaction. Foods, insect venoms, drugs: a study is to determine the most relevant allergens in adults and children.

Food is the third cause chez some people, contact with a substance harmless priori, known as “allergen” triggers an abnormal immune system response.

In its most extreme form, the reaction may develop life-threatening: the anaphylactic shock or allergic shock.

A German study, recently published in DeutschesÄrzteblatt International, reports on the causes and management of anaphylaxis in more than 4000 victims.


First contact: boys are more commonly affected than girls by allergic shock. Data that is inversed to adulthood.

Second observation: unlike adults, are the foods that are the main triggers in children, including

  • peanuts,
  • cow’s milk,
  • the egg,
  • hazelnut,

Insect venoms, first triggers adult

The foods are adults that the third cause of allergic shock. With the top three:

  • wheat
  • soybean
  • and hazelnut.

Before food include drugs (antibiotics) and, at the very first place (almost 60% of cases), insect venoms.

First complained, the wasp in 70% of consecutive shocks to an insect bite, followed by the bee (20%).

The primary treatment for anaphylaxis is epinephrine. It should be administered in an emergency. People at risk or already allergic shock should always have on them a pen-injector of adrenaline.


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