Cindy Crawford angry over Marie Claire unretouched photo leaked online

American supermodel and business woman Cynthia Ann “Cindy” Crawford famously known as Cindy Crawford is angry over unretouched image from a Marie Claire photo shoot leaked online.

A few months after the scandal of the unretouched photo, Cindy Crawford defended herself. If there is a fountain of youth, Cindy found her and selfishly keeps the secret! The proof is in images and video with her new magazine cover. In an interview, the 49-year-old supermodel speaks for the first time a recent scandal that splintered her fairy tale.


In February 2015, an allegedly unretouched photo of Cindy Crawford, after the December 2013 issue of the magazine Marie Claire México, causes controversy. The sexy lingerie revealing what was then believed to be her true plastic. She will get the withdrawal of many news sites and fraudulent returns to its publication in the columns of the Canadian edition of Elle.

“Why do other people feel better seeing a bad picture of me? I felt attacked by surprise. I know my body and I know it’s not perfect, but maybe that image of my body is wrong. Maybe what I think is more beautiful in reality. I feel that the majority of women are hard on themselves. We believe we are uglier than is the really. I presume to have fallen into this category, although this photograph did not reflect in any way what I saw in the mirror,” says the sex symbol of 90s.

She added: “We talked to the photographer [John Russo] and he was very angry because he has not published it said, ‘Cindy, I’ll send you the real [photo] and it is nothing like that. It is obvious that someone has retouched the image to make it ugly.’ It was stolen and it was malicious, but it generated a lot of positive reactions. Sometimes, these women see in magazines give them the feeling of being inferior. Somehow see mine was like seeing a flaw in the system.”

Cindy Crawford is on the cover of the October issue of Elle Canada. Rande Gerber’s wife – with whom she spent her holidays in Ibiza – and mother of Presley and Kaia (16 and 13) was photographed by Max Abadian and staged in a behind the scenes video of the shoot.


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  • September 5, 2015


    It is just ridiculous controversy over a picture. what if har body looks ugly in the picture ? She still is an attractive and beautiful woman. When you expose your body in photographs it ought to show some flaws. At 49 she looks pretty sexy.

    It is natural that she does not like to see her image tarnished. I think she should take a deep breath and forget the damned picture. Concentrate on positive side of life.