Celebrating ’50th Anniversary’ of the 1965 Indo-Pak War

The entire Pakistani nation commemorated the 50th anniversary of Indo-Pak war of 1965 with unparalleled exuberance. Under the directives of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif the celebrations would continue throughout the month of September, to pay due respect to the martyrs (officers and jawans of the gallant armed forces) of the 1965 war, and acknowledge the gigantic sacrifices made by them while defending the prestige and honor of their beloved country. The clarion call made by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, to the Pakistani nation, to pay tribute to the shaheeds and ghazis of the 1965 war couldn’t have been more timely and justifiable, as this is the least we could do to pay homage to them and acknowledge their incomparable sacrifices.

History stands testimony to the fact that the war of September 6, 1965 was imposed on Pakistan by it belligerent neighbor India. The Pakistani forces were compelled by circumstances created by India to retaliate with matchless valor and determination. The totally unprovoked war waged by India against Pakistan, 50 years ago, took the lives of about 4,000 valiant officers and jawans of our armed forces. The heroism of our soldiers and shaheens (pilots) who fearlessly fought for their motherland has no parallel in history and cannot be forgotten for centuries to come. The Pakistani nation genuinely owes a debt to the martyrs of the 1965 Indo-Pak war for the exemplary courage that they demonstrated on the war-front, and not only repulsed the enemy attacks but defeated them on several fronts.
Even today, the enemies of our country continue to challenge the courage and strength of our gallant armed forces. They do not seem to have learnt any lesson from their past.

The enemies of Pakistan have launched a terror war against the country. Yet again, the defenders of the nation, the brave armed forces of Pakistan, have stood up to defend and cleanse the country of the menace of terrorism and create an atmosphere conducive for the nation to live and breathe in peace, and the country to progress by leaps and bounds. The operation Zarb-e-Azb launched by the armed forces of Pakistan in North Waziristan, and operations launched by it against the terrorists elsewhere in the country, have broken the spines of the terrorists. The terrorists, in fact, have almost been wiped out from the soil of Pakistan. For the successes our armed forces have achieved against the war on terrorism the country has had to pay a big price. It is truly very sad and unfortunate that it has, once again, lost hundreds of courageous soldiers to this devastating war against terror.

The sacrifices the armed forces of Pakistan have made, and continue to make for the solidarity and integrity of the country, merit extraordinary tribute and admiration. The fact of the matter is in the prestige, honor and salvation of the armed forces of Pakistan depends the prestige, honor and salvation of this nation. The nation must, therefore, stand united by its armed forces like a rock and genuinely appreciate them for the task they have always performed admirably.



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