Jagmohan Dalmiya didn’t die of heart attack but stomach hemorrhage

Jagmohan Dalmiya

MUMBAI: Cardiologist Dr. Anil Mishra revealed that BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya has not died due to the massive heart attack as it is widely reported in media.

Speaking exclusively over his mobile from Kolkata on Monday morning, the doctor said, “Dalmiya died of stomach hemorrhage”.

“He responded well to the medications for his cardiac problems and was more stable after the two stents were put on Sunday morning but the internal bleeding started in the afternoon and he could not survive thereafter”.

“He came with a heart problem in the hospital and was gradually improving but died of internal bleeding. There was hardly any time for him to recover and the case was finished within 25 minutes”.

“Yes, I am aware he was a workaholic man and also read the news that he was discussed to be honored as a Chief Patron by the Indian cricket board. Sadly, this could not happen….”, the doctor added.

“The body was taken to his home on Sunday night”, the doctor confirmed.

Dalmiya’s last-rights were scheduled to take place at Keoratola crematorium. It is one of the largest cremation grounds situated at Tollygunge Road, Kalighat in Kolkata.

“I am not aware about the timings of his funeral but may go there to pay the last homage”, Dr. Mishra said in the morning.

Bangladesh Cricket Board president is away but the delegate from the Board is likely to remain present at the funeral.

Owing to his illness, Jagmohan Dalmiya could not approve the teams selected by Sandeep Patil and company in Bangalore. It has been a mandatory for the BCCI president to approve the team before being announced.


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