Tourism can turn Pakistan into hub of economic activities: LCCI President

LAHORE: Tourism industry of Pakistan has the potential to turn Pakistan into a hub of economic activities as total contribution of travel & tourism industry in the global economy is more than $7.58 trillion. It is a good sign that Punjab government in general and Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan (TDCP) is taking all possible steps for the promotion of tourism industry in Punjab.

These views were expressed by the president of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ijaz A. Mumtaz after visiting TDCP resort Kallar Kahar.

Ijaz A. Mumtaz said that Public Sector Enterprises should learn lesson from this Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan which is effectively contributing to the economy of Punjab. He particularly lauded the efforts of Managing Director of TDCP Ahmer Malik for adopting viable and workable policies to make this department a best performer. He said that Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif also deserve appreciation for giving the reigns of the department in able hands.

Ijaz A. Mumtaz said that as a result of 18th amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan, tourism has become provincial subject. The exercise of taking input of stakeholders for policy making on board by the MD TCDP Ahmer Malik shows the seriousness and futuristic approach of Government of Punjab.

The LCCI President suggested the changes in syllabi which would help familiarize the new generation with beautiful places of Pakistan.

Ijaz A. Mumtaz said that our invaluable historic heritage, our thrilling sports and terrific civilization of our people living in mountains, deserts and on the banks of rivers is the real face of Pakistan which should be highlighted before the international comity. He said institute of tourism and hotel management being run by TDCP in Lahore has been equipped by professional management and a training course of tourism guides is also being introduced in the institute.

The LCCI President appreciated Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab for ensuring participation of private sector and said that it would certainly give a lot of confidence to business community particularly related to hotel industry, travel agents, tour operators and other stakeholders to share their views and suggestions in the process of policy making.


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