Jim Carrey “shocked and deeply saddened” as his wife Cathriona White committed suicide

According to the US website TMZ, Cathriona White, a 28-year-old wife of actor Jim Carrey, was found dead following a drug overdose. It would be a suicide, according to a note left near her body.

Jim Carrey and Cathriona White were together since 2012 before breaking the first time. They were then put back together last May before again cease all relations last Thursday, following yet another argument, according to TMZ. The same day, Cathriona White had left a message at least strange on her Twitter account: “Signing off Twitter, I hope I have beens A Light to My Nearest and dearest. To all you.

According to TMZ, the body of Cathriona White was found last Monday after two friends came to visit her. The authorities for their part explain that drugs were found on site indicate that she would have died of an intentional overdose. The suicide of the track is so well favored in this case.

The interpreter of “Dumb and Dumber,” “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” or “Man on the moon” expressed “shocked and deeply saddened by the death of my sweet Cathriona”.

“She was a really nice Irish delicate flower, too sensitive for this world, for who love and be loved was the only thing that sparkled”, he said in a statement received by AFP.


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