CM Balochistan lauds NTS for merit based appointments in Balochistan; Says 5,000 teachers to be recruited by 12th October

ISLAMABAD: Balochistan Chief Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch praised on Thursday the involvement of National Testing Service in making appointments in the government organisations.

“Recruiting teachers through the National Testing Service in Balochistan is not less than a miracle. People had doubts about the (use of) process but the incumbent government has fulfilled its commitment,” he said.

The CM said that recruiting teachers through the NTS would not only ensure appointment of deserving candidates but it would also improve the quality of education in the province. “Taking the decision to introduce the NTS was very difficult. We had pressures but we took this critical decision to ensure merit and transparency in the province.”

Mr Baloch said it was an honour for him that appointment orders had been handed over to the deserving candidates and “it is a matter of joy for me because we are taking steps wholeheartedly with good intentions to improve the education sector”.
He said the candidates had been given full opportunity to submit their complaints and grievances, if any, against the NTS’s recruitment process, adding that civil society and media ought to help the government end absenteeism among teachers and bring education reforms.

He also informed that over 95,000 applications had been received from different districts and candidates holding M.Phil degrees had also taken part in the NTS process, adding that this would not only improve the image of Balochistan but the trust of people in the government would also strengthen.

He further said 5,000 candidates would be recruited by 12th October and 1,700 vacancies would be filled through the NTS during the current year.


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