Making love does not cause heart attack

Some people who have heart problems, afraid to cause a heart attack while making love. According to a recent study, this fear is completely unfounded. Only 0.7 of the respondents had sex less than an hour before their heart attack. This will reassure you.

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology released statistics of a study conducted over 10 years. Dr. Dietrich Rothenbacher “Based on our data, it appears very unlikely that sexual activity causes a heart attack.” According to the study, making love is a moderate activity. Walk up to the second floor or walk fast demand greater physical activity for example.

536 people who have had a heart attack, aged 30-70 years were interviewed. Their sexual activity was evaluated in the 12 months prior to their heart attack. According to the responses, 14.9% of participants had no sexual activity during the study period. 4.7% had a ratio less than once per month and 25% less than once per week. Only 55% have been several reports in one week.

During follow-up over ten years, a hundred infarctions were identified and making love was not a risk factor.

If having a heart attack while making love is possible. This happens only 0.7% of people. What perspective.


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