Meera double-nikkah case: Atiq-ur-Rehman, witnesses summoned

Lollywood film star Meera

LAHORE: A local court heard the double-nikkah case of Lollywood actress Meera here on Thursday.

During proceedings the lawyer for the actress informed the court that complainant Atiq-ur-Rehman had lodged a case against Meera on the basis of an unconfirmed nikkahnama. The lawyer requested that the court dismiss the case.

The hearing of the case has been adjourned till October 31 and the court has summoned Aitq-ur-Rehman and other witnesses.

Meera (Irtiza Rubab) has been accused by Atiq-ur-Rehman who claims that Meera had entered into a marriage contract with him and later married Captain Naveed in 2013. Rehman claims that Meera entered into a second marriage contract while still being married to him.


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