Three Cheers For Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's Disease

If you or someone you know is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, you might be able to raise a glass and cheers to something positive on the horizon; new research is showing that doing so might improve your health and prolong your life!

While this evidence may seem contradictory, due to the fact that alcohol has been proven to be detrimental to brain cells (and Alzheimer’s is a brain disease), there has been a positive correlation between a moderate intake of alcohol and improvement in the condition. This evidence was tested by researchers at the University of Southern Denmark, and we all know Scandinavian are statistically the happiest and most well-off individuals on the planet!

Researchers wanted to caution individuals from going out and bringing however, as too much alcohol can accelerate and bring on dementia. As with anything in medicine seemingly, alcohol is a double-edged sword, so read this article and take its advice with great caution.

To draw this conclusion about alcohol and Alzheimer’s, it was discovered that ingesting two to three drinks a day could be linked to a 76% reduction in risk of death over a 3-year span of time. This study was done with a fairly small sample size of three hundred and twenty-one people, but the published research is said to be fairly encouraging and could lead to more funding in this area.

The research may not simply point to alcohol as the sole reason for the improvement in patients. Researchers concluded that the social habits of the individuals of the study may have had a helping hand in ensuring that they stayed healthy, and encouraged positive results. A more robust social interaction schedule has been proven to be beneficial in the long term for patients suffering from this debilitating disease.

“The results of our study point towards a potential, positive association of moderate alcohol consumption on mortality in patients with [Alzheimer’s Disease],” the Denmark researchers wrote. “However, we cannot solely on the basis of this study neither encourage nor advise against moderate alcohol consumption in patients with [Alzheimer’s].”


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