Chinese ‘adulteress’ ends up savagely beaten, stripped naked by group of 4

In Puyang (China), a Chinese ‘mistress’ receives extreme public humiliation, savage beating and insult; over raising voice against country’s ‘concubine culture.’ The victim introduced as Lin Yao Li was also stripped (almost) completely naked by group of four women, who publically punched the helpless woman to ground, tore her dress and took her groin and breast on their kicks.

The terrible incident of senseless beating and public torture comes in backlash against Li Yao’s booming China’s ‘concubine culture’ as the 38-year-old allegedly shared the bed with one of the four attacker women’s husband. The ‘angry wife’ was accompanied by three of her friends in the attack, considered ‘rising trend’ in China, of vigilante justice.

Neither any of the onlookers interrupted the attackers in their violent act nor did local police show up at the scene as the helpless victim writhed screaming aloud in agony on the city’s extremely busy shopping street.

The angry mob-of-four ambushed Li on her way home in the eastern Henan Province of China accusing her of sleeping with the husband of violent mob’s ‘leading lady, who the onlookers confirmed felt very disdained and scorned to learn about her husband’s sharing the bed with Li.

Finally, when the angry-4 left, a local man called an ambulance at the scene after he spotted the severely injured woman, who received cuts, severe bruises. She was shifted to a local hospital since she needed immediate treatment.


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