Kusal Perera’s drug contained 19-Norandrosterone: His B urine sample to be tested in a laboratory in Doha

Kusal Perera

MUMBAI, Dec. 17: The laboratory venue for Kusal Perera’s B sample of urine testing is changed to Doha, according to Sri Lanka’s honorary sports minister Dayasiri Jayasekera.

Only two days ago, it was scheduled to be done at the National Doping Control Centre, Mahidol University – Bangkok, Thailand
but now the same has been shifted to Qatar. The reason for the change of venue is not known but both are accredited laboratories for doping control analysis.

Speaking exclusively over his mobile from Colombo on Thursday morning, he said, “I have directed the Sri Lanka Cricket (LSC) board to arrange to get his B sample tested in a laboratory in Doha”

“The result of the urine sample will be notified to the ICC”, the minister added.

It is not clear whether Kusal Perera would need to travel to Qatar, but if it is absolutely necessary, then the wicket-keeper may leave for Doha next week, it is learnt here.

Dr Costas Georgakopoulos, Doping Analysis Laboratory Director is in Europe and set to arrive only on Sunday and this may be one of the reasons for the delay in the process.

B sample is not a new sample. When they take the original sample, they divide it into two samples and test one sample and keep the other safely in a sealed container for future tests, if the need for it arises.

Perera’s urine sample was not collected during home series against Pakistan or West Indies as it was believed, but it was during the out of the competition.

All players have signed the ICC’s Anti-coping code, which states, “The International Cricket Council (“ICC”) may, directly or through one or more third parties, conduct antidoping testing at any time or place (with or without notice) in accordance with the provisions of the ICC AntiDoping Code (“the ICC Code”).

The identity of the banned substance found in Perera’s “A” urine sample has not been disclosed, but it is learnt that the substance 19-Norandrosterone. The steroid-contained substance was more than the permissible limit of 2 ng/m.

Kusal Perera is believed to be in consultation with a lawyer (Dinal Philip) for the entire process, it is also learnt here.


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