Watermelon boy to eat the fruit again with its skin in the matches against India

Mitchell Schibeci - Watermelon boy to eat the fruit again with its skin in the matches against India

MUMBAI: On Saturday night Watermelon Boy, the spectators at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia were more interested in watching a young boy eating watermelon than the Big Bash match.

The ten-year-old boy, Mitchell Schibeci, who happens to be the son of a radio host, was seen eating the watermelon with its skin.

“Mitchell Schibeci, aka the Watermelon Boy, became an internet star when he appeared on television screens across Australia during the broadcast of the Big Bash at the Melbourne Cricket Ground last night”, Andrew Nelson, who interviewed the boy on television, speaking exclusively, said to this Reporter.

“His spectacular technique of chowing down on a whole watermelon entranced the internet. Mitchell says he’s a huge fan of watermelons and plans to finish the whole lot. He eats the skin because he believes it’s healthy”, the commentator added.

“It quickly trended on Twitter with people posting their shock at the kid’s incredible ability to show-down on a watermelon”.

Watermelon Boy – More in matches against India

Later, speaking exclusively again, Watermelon boy’s father, Tony Schibeci says, “my son (student of Grade VI) is fond of all fruits, not only the watermelons. He eats all foods and he specially likes Indian curry”.

“He eats watermelon with its skin because he feels it is crunchy”.

“Yes, Mitchell Schibeci is hoping to devour another watermelon during the one day international at the MCG on the 17th and also the T20 international on the 29th”.

Both these matches are scheduled to be played against India this month.

“He hasn’t been to the Test matches as he is only 10 years of age and finds a full day of cricket a little mundane. He plays cricket himself and has a highest score of 25 not out for the Spotswood Cricket Club under 11s”, the father added.


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