iPhone 7 could not have headphone jack

As the iPhone 6S got out there a few months and already talking about the Apple’s iPhone 7. A way as any to create the need. What do they say the new Apple device? Many things, but above all a thing that worries it might be deprived of its jack that allows attaching headphones.

This information comes up regularly for the past few weeks that Apple Inc. would consider removing the jack on its future iPhone i.e. iPhone 7. This is the plug that allows attaching headphones.

According to many sources, Apple could indeed draw a line under the jack of the iPhone 7, which serves to connect a headset to the smartphone. The aim of the company would be to have an even thinner device, from 7.1mm to 6.5 or even 6mm.

This means that should connect their headphones by the charging socket of the appliance. But it is still necessary to have a compatible headset. Another solution is to go through Bluetooth. In short, it does not really matter to the users.



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