Virat Kohli’s family to seek advice on whether Pak. Government can be persuaded to exonerate the die-hard fan

Umer Draz

MALE’, Maldives, Jan. 29: Virat Kohli’s brother, Vikas, has agreed to seek his brother’s views on convincing the Pakistan Government to exonerate the die-hard fan who has been sent to jail for hoisting the Indian flag on his house-roof in Okara city in Pakistan.

Umar Draz, a Pakistani fan of Virat Kohli has been arrested for the crime and has claimed to be ignorant of his country law.

“Yes, we have heard about this incident and feel sorry for the fan”, Virat Kohli’s brother, Vikas, speaking exclusively over telephone from Delhi, said on Friday afternoon.

“I shall certainly seek Virat’s views after the match to-day. Will also consult the “right people” on whether the approach to the Pakistan Government can be sought on this issue”, he added.

Kohli was named Man of the Mach for his 59 runs on Friday.

“We are in a family function to-day and can’t think of the right people to be identified for this appeal at this moment but will surely speak to Virat”, the brother further added.

This fan was arrested on January 26 when India had defeated the Australian team in a T20 match where Kohli had scored 90 runs. Police raided Draz’s home and found several of Kohli’s posters in his house.

Being a very sensitive issue in Pak the report was not highly covered in the media.


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