26-year-old Georgia Aves’ facial scrub ends up disfigured as a result of an allergic reaction

Georgia Aves has probably made the mistake of her life. She had decided to be making a facial scrub. Harmless priori. And at that price (1200 pounds), she had to be serious. She finds herself completely disfigured, the face covered with pimples.

The Daily Mail reported the sad story of the 26-year-old Londoner, Georgia Aves, who has been making a facial scrub to refreshing the skin. She had an allergic reaction and is now unrecognizable, her face completely covered with pustules.

In reviewing pictures from before this allergic reaction, she said:  “I realize that I did not even need. My skin was fine. Now I’m left with permanent scars on my face and acne that even makeup cannot cover.”

Georgia Aves left her boyfriend with whom she was for two years and she cannot stand the look.


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