British woman Kathy O’Sullivan drinks six liters of Coke a day and this addiction ruined her life

Kathy O'Sullivan

A 41-year-old mother was assigned to the Daily Mail about her addiction to Coca-Cola. Kathy O’Sullivan, a British woman, became seriously addicted. Her daily consumption is 6 liters per day and this addiction is destroying her life.

According to Daily Mail UK, Kathy O’Sullivan, a native of Portsmouth, has a very particular addiction. The mother of two children drinks up to 6 liters of Coke a day which is equivalent to 163 teaspoons.

Kathy O’Sullivan is concerned that this will severely damage dependence her health, she was born with only one kidney. “I tried to stop,” she explains to Daily Mail. “But a few hours after I cold sweat and my body trembles.”

This addiction has cost her three teeth. “People have no idea how this addiction can be dangerous.” And expensive! Kathy, who started drinking Coke from the age of 13, spends an average of 2600 euros a year to buy her 6 liters of Coke daily.

The British mom put all her hopes on hypnosis sessions to overcome her addiction.


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