Punjab schools to reopen from tomorrow

LAHORE, Jan 31 (INP): All the private and government schools across Punjab will reopen on Monday as talks between the government and All Pakistan Private Schools Federation on Sunday succeeded.

Punjab Education Minister Rana Mashood met the delegation of All Pakistan Private Schools Federation and assured them that all the necessary measurements had been taken for the reopening of the schools.

After the meeting, the minister told the media that a new Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) had been issued regarding schools’ security. A committee had been formed to monitor the SOP’s implementation.

It may be added that the schools federation on Saturday announced that private schools would not open on Monday (Feb 1) since the government had put the onus for security entirely on schools, instead of shouldering the responsibility itself.

“The schools were ordered closed on Monday amid confusion and uncertainty. There was speculation as to whether schools were closed due to harsh weather or whether there was a security threat. The private schools’ heads and owners have since been harassed and intimidated by various government departments and law enforcement agencies. Several individuals from various government departments have been threatening to seal schools and register FIRs against school heads and owners. Their demands vary from case to case and are not based on any consistent written guidelines,” it said in a statement.

The statement underlined that the private schools would not re-open until the government fulfilled its duty and own responsibility for the security.


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