Three Paris schools evacuated due to fresh bomb alert

PARIS, Feb. 1 (INP): Students at three high schools here were evacuated early Monday following a bomb alert, the country’s education authority said.

Police searched Condorcet, Henri IV and Louis Le Grand lyceums and escorted all students to safety, the education authority said on its Twitter account.

Last week, two fake bomb alerts forced the evacuation of the same schools.

In the November 2015 edition of Dar al-Islam, an online French-language magazine produced by the Islamic State (IS), the IS called on its followers to kill teachers in the French education system, describing them as “enemies of Allah.”

France has been on high terror alert after a series of deadly attacks rocked Paris on Nov. 13 and killed 130 people. The IS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.  


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  • February 1, 2016


    we weren’t evacuated at all, and hardly knew something was going on. (in Henri IV)