North Korea wants to launch a satellite

North Korea announced Tuesday plans to launch a satellite in February, following rumors about the preparation by Pyongyang of a ballistic missile test, an announcement soon accompanied by threats of US sanctions on UN.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) said earlier have been warned by the communist regime of its intention to launch a satellite between 8 and 25 February, between 07:00 and 12:00. These dates suggest that North Korea would do so on the occasion of the anniversary of the late leader Kim Jong-Il’s father Kim Jong-Un on February 16.

This announcement follows rumors in recent days on the preparation by Pyongyang of a ballistic missile test, another step towards its goal to acquire nuclear missiles in violation of UN resolutions.

Moreover, Washington immediately threatened North Korea with new international sanctions, if a satellite was launched this month.

Japan’s Kyodo news agency said last week that satellite images presaged the test firing of a ballistic long-range missile could intervene quickly from the site of Dongchan-ri, in the west. According to NHK television, the movement of people and vehicles are visible around the site, apparently covered with a kind of tarpaulin.

In the past, North Korea has carried out several times with long-range missile launches.

But many experts believe that Pyongyang is years to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

Experts had expected a resumption of rocket launches by North Korea after the completion of a program to modernize the site Dongchan-ri, also known as the Sohae.

The transformation of the site, which started in early 2013, aims to create infrastructure for the launch larger rockets have a longer range and greater payload.

The United States monitors North Korea from space, and Japan has implemented in 2003 an observation satellite of this country.

Secretary of State John Kerry was in Beijing last week to try to persuade China to put more pressure on its ally North Korea and impose additional sanctions in take action with the UN.

But while Mr. Kerry has denounced “the threat against the world” that represent North Korea, it only managed to agree a minimum with the Chinese authorities to “speed effort” in the search for a new resolution of the security Council.

“Consultations are continuing,” said Tuesday the spokesman of US diplomacy, John Kirby.


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