Suicide Bombing outside Shrine of Bibi Zainab

Bomb attacks near Hazrat Zainab's shrine in Syria

According to a news report, several bombs exploded outside the Shrine of the most revered Saintly woman Hazrat Bibi Zainab in Damascus. Several adjacent buildings and vehicles caught fire as the result of these explosions. First a car exploded then seconds later two suicide bombers set themselves up pulling the pin. The street near the shrine was completely destroyed. And buildings collapsed.

At least 60 persons were wounded. The eye witness reported that he saw buildings crumbling & collapsing. No terrorist group has yet claimed the responsibility of this dastardly attack at the Shrine. I think that it’s happening due to lax security and interest of the ruling elite.

The security of religious building should be increased manifold. This is the second time the Shrine has been attacked. This sacrilegious act has perturbed the entire Muslim Ummah. This act is work of the enemies of Islam.

It is incumbent upon all Islamic countries to provide security of such religious monuments.


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