Hanif Mohammad encourages cancer-affected people to fight against the disease

Hanif Mohammad encourages cancer-affected people to fight against the disease

MUMBAI: Hanif Mohammad, the former Pakistani captain is one of the few cancer-surviving international cricketers.

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, which was on February 4, the 81-year-old India-born (pre-partition days) Hanif Mohammad spoke exclusively on cancer.


Your comments on World Cancer Day and message to the cancer affected patients: The day is recognised for the cancer affected patients. They need not worry about the disease. They should not neglect taking medicines and follow the strict instructions given by their doctors.

Wish on this day: I wish people don’t get this disease at all. I wish Allah saves people from being affected with this disease. But I pray (to Allah) for those who are affected with this disease. I am concerned for their health and wish success in their recovery. I want to encourage them to fight against this disease. It is a bad disease.

Remembering the grandson: “My grandson (Aayan) was a victim of this diseases. He could not survive and died at the tender age of five. I can’t forget this till I live. He was a very lovable boy. (In October 2013, Hanif’s grandson (son of Shoaib Mohammad) Aayan died of cancer a day before his grand-dad (Hanif Mohammad) returned to Karachi after himself being treated in England).

I have been fighting with my possible ability against this disease. Many people have successfully fought against cancer. India’s Yuvraj Singh (and his father Yograj Singh) also suffered with cancer and got himself (themselves) treated in USA. He has overcome it and also succeeded in returning to the game and played well thereafter also. God is great.

Imran Khan cancer hospital: Imran Khan’s mission against cancer was started in 1992. It is being named after his mother who was diagnosed with cancer. This Shakat Khanum Cancer Hospital has been helping to a lot of poor people in this country. The hospital is also helping with concessional rates to the poor people. He has recently opened an another branch in Peshawar. Pakistan is a big country. Apart from having it in Lahore and Peshawar, the cancer hospitals should also be constructed in Karachi and Rawalpindi.


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