Suicide attack on FC Caravan

According to news report ten persons including security officials & 40 were wounded in a suicide attack on FC caravan. The defunct TTP has claimed the responsibility for the attack. Federal Interior Minister has asked for the report of the incident. President, Prime Minister and other prominent political & religious leaders have condemned the tragic incident. PM Sharif has said that such incidents cannot weaken our resolve and determination to fight against terrorism.

The TTP has emboldened in the recent past & has targeted the security forces. Not a single day passes by when they trigger some terrorist act. They are regrouping and being reinforced by their financiers. Daesh’s entry in the region has given the local terrorist groups new lease of life. We will have to change our strategy to tackle the threat of IS.

The bomb explosion was of too high intensity. It shook the nearby buildings and several vehicles and window panes were shattered. Cracks appeared in the walls of the buildings. Death & destruction resulted from this cowardice. The blast occurred in the sensitive and full area of the Quetta City causing chaos and Panic among the area residents. The provincial government spokesman confirmed the suicide attack. He gave the sordid details of the mayhem.

The Inspector General of the Police Mahbub Ahsan condemned the attack and said its the reaction of the security forces intense action against the various terrorist groups. He further said that the security forces are making the CPEC project safer, but at the sometimes different group of a rogue element have become active too.

I think we have reached the saturation point and cannot tolerate the existence of the terrorist outfits in our land.We have no other choice but to fight fiercely this menace till the very end. We have to wipe them out of this part of the world at all costs. We must expand the operation all across the country to take the out of their enclaves wherever they are found. Long Live Pakistan.


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