IS supporters imprisoned in Indonesia

JAKARTA: An Indonesian court on Tuesday sentenced three Islamic State (IS) group supporters to between three and five years in prison for recruiting locals to join the militant movement.

The West Jakarta District Court handed down 3 years, 3.5 years, and 5 years to Ahmad Junaedi alias Abu Salman, Helmi Muhammad Alamudi alias Abu Roya, and Tuah Febriwansyah alias Muhammad Fachry respectively for their involvement with IS.

Junaedi admitted to having stayed in Syria in 2013 for over three weeks, where he participated in military training using AK-47s and learned how to assemble weapons.

He claimed he returned home because he felt cheated over a large payment which was promised by Abu Jandal, one of the Indonesian IS leaders in Syria.

Alamudi was convicted of conspiring to facilitate and finance a terrorism act. The court said he had raised more than 257 million rupiahs (20,000 U.S. dollars) to bring people to Syria.

He also worked as a guard in an IS camp in Syria for two weeks.
The third Indonesian man, Febriwansyah, was found guilty of spreading videos, which promote activities of the militant group including a series of brutal attacks around the world, on his website. The page was shut down by the Indonesian government after his arrest in 2014.

In March 2014, Febriwansyah reportedly participated in a rally at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout in Jakarta, where he declared his support for IS.

None of the terrorist convicts would appeal the verdicts.
Four other Indonesian supporters of IS were set for hearing on Tuesday.

Indonesia outlawed the militant group in October 2014, which has claimed responsibility for last month’s attack in the country’ s capital and left nine people dead.

Authorities said an estimated 500 Indonesians have gone to Syria and joined the radical movement.

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country with 85 percent of its over 250 million population being Muslims.


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