World Radio Day; Radio Pakistan Airing Special Programmes

ISLAMABAD: Radio Pakistan has planned special programmes to mark World Radio Day being observed Saturday to highlight the role of this medium, says a press release.

The objective of the World Radio Day observed on February 13 is to raise greater awareness among the public about the importance of radio, encourage decision makers to establish and provide access to information through radio, as well as to enhance networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.

Radio Pakistan, being the largest broadcasting organization and national broadcaster, has access to 96 percent population of the country. It is the hallmark of the state broadcaster that is it reaching all communities in country by broadcasting programmes in 23 local languages.

To promote country’s policies and image, programmes are being aired in 10 foreign languages as well while programmes can be accessed anywhere in world because of audio-streaming.

To highlight significance of World Radio Day, special feature titled, ‘Radio Ki Kahani Marconi Ki Zubani’ will be aired at 03:30 p.m, documentary ‘Radio Lehroon Se Social Media Tak’ at 03:45 p.m, and discussion program, ‘Samaji Falah-o-Taraqui Kay Liyeh Shaoor Ujagar Karney Mein Radio Ka Kirdar’ will be aired at 04:05 p.m. All these programmes will be aired on national hookup. Special songs will be aired from different radio stations of the country to highlight the significance of this medium.


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