Kamal Ahmed Rizvi An Artiste Par Excellence

Kamal Ahmed Rizvi passed away after a long illness in a Private hospital in Karachi. He was a prolific writer, versatile actor and director. He performed on the stage before appearing on TV. He earned popularity from his comedy show “Alif Noon” in which he played Alif along with Rafi Khawar as Nana. Both were loved by the public for their roles. The viewer eagerly waited for this extremely popular comedy drama.

Both the characters were opposite of each other. The show was full of sarcasm and social evils of our contemporary society. They brought the best and the worst in the human beings. Nana always got in trouble whatever venture they operated together to earn a living.

He also adapted many foreign plays too. They were natural comedians. They effortlessly acted and characters became alive. Alif took over Rizvi’s persona completely. He was contemporary of Moeen Akhtar Zia Mohyuddin Talat Hussain and others to name a few. He was an institution in himself as a great proponent of his craft No eulogy and describe his stature as an artist. There can be no better praise for him than an artist Par Excellence

He was king of the black comedy. I cannot think of better crafty comedian than Kamal. He was a class act. He will be missed for his great performance and as decent human being. May Allah rest the departed soul in peace and eternal tranquility. All of us have to leave this worldly abode to meet our creator.


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