British-Muslim Ahmed Ali off-loaded from flight for having a beard

MANCHESTER: A British-Muslim man was off-loaded from a flight to Morocco over having a beard.

According to a United Kingdom newspaper, the man named Ahmed Ali was heading to Morocco from Manchester via Thomson Airways for honeymoon with his wife.

Ali claimed that he and his mother were also questioned by the authorities regarding terrorism.

“I was on the plane and watching a video and my wife was chatting to the people next to her. We were really looking forward to the holiday because it was a late honeymoon for us”, Ali said.

“I was then tapped on the shoulder by a member of staff who said you need to leave the plane. I asked three times, why? She said the police are outside waiting for you. I asked why you have taken me off the flight. They said follow us and said they would interview me under section seven of the terrorism act”, he added.

“I am so upset about it. What they did was wrong and I think it is purely because I am Muslim and have a beard,” Ali added.

In a video posted on his Facebook account, Ali ranted against British Prime Minister David Cameron and even compared him to Hitler.

He said that he was not a threat to anyone. He also said that the only person who was a threat is David Cameron along with his bigotry.

“Hitler was an oppressive and a bad person to the Jews and to people in general. Today’s Hitler is David Cameron”, he said. British-Muslim off-loaded from flight for having a beard.


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