World’s most stupid prime minister wishes Ghani ‘happy birthday’ 3 months early

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s penchant for greeting his fellow world leaders on micro-blogging site Twitter backfired on Friday after he mistakenly wished Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Happy Birthday; three months too early.

“Happy birthday @ashrafghani. Praying for your long life and exceptional health,” tweeted Modi.

President Ghani responded to the tweet with good humour, Hindustan Times reported on Saturday.

The Afghan leader is currently in Munich to speak at the 2016 Security Conference on combatting Islamic State.

The confusion may have occurred due to President Ghani’s Google profile actually showing his birthday as February 12.

While Ghani took the tweet in his stride, Modi’s gaffe didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter users, who proceeded to sarcastically wonder if this would strain cordial relations between the two nations.

The last time Modi’s tweets caused a stir was during New Years, after he and Trinamool National Congress leader Mamata Banerjee exchanged greetings in Bengali and Gujarati respectively.


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