Power companies looting masses through inflated bills: Society Watch

ISLAMABAD: President Society Watch Khalid Mehmood on Saturday alleged that power distribution companies were looting masses through inflated bills to make up for their losses.

Power distribution companies have failed to reduce line losses and theft amounting to Rs 360 billion per annum and now they have started violating of the basic rights of consumers which must be noticed, he said in a statement here.

He said that the masses were promised (by the government) to improve the power sector, which was not fulfilled while billions of rupees were being extracted from the masses to foot its shortfalls.

He said that power companies had targeted commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic sectors with emphasis on small farmer who had no voice.

“Many consumers silently pay bills while those who resist inflated bills are systematically discouraged to reduce losses which have surpassed 20 percent,” he said.

The tactic of power distribution companies has put additional burden on masses while increasing cost of doing business for all sectors, he noted.

He said that 20 percent wastage in electricity production during transmission and distribution is unacceptable therefore government should focus on repairing transmission and distribution system immediately.

The fragile network is limiting distribution of generated electricity resulting in heavy losses which must be taken seriously, he demanded.

Power production has been improved by 78 percent in the last 12 years while T&D network with over 14,000 km of lines has witnessed a growth of 49 percent only.

Infrastructure should be upgraded before it compromise ability of new power projects which can discourage local and foreign investors.


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