IEP adopts action plan to enhance engineers’ professional standard

ISLAMABAD: Local chapter of Institution of Engineers, Pakistan (IEP) on Sunday adopted an action plan to enhance professional standard of engineering community, enabling them to play their effective role in the country’s socio-economic development.

Under the plan, a series of events will be arranged in the coming months to help the engineers working in various disciplines, updating their technical knowledge and sharing each other experience.

The plan was adopted at the meeting of Finance and Administration Committee held under its chairmanship Engr. Hafiz M. Ehsan Ul Haq Qazi.

The committee discussed various proposals for their capacity-building in order to ensure transparency and efficiency in engineering practices and profession.

It was decided to launch membership drive to expand the Institution’s network. This task was given to the respective Vice Chairmen of IEP’s Rawalpindi-Islamabad Center. Some proposals regarding revenue-generation were also adopted.

It was decided that a new IEP’s building would be constructed soon and for this purpose, a working committee was formed.

Vice Chairmen Dr. Attaullah Shah, M. Tahir Faisal, Ch. Sikandar Hayat Tahir Hussain and Azadar Hussain Mazhar and Secretary Shafiqur Rehman who also attended the meeting resolved to make the institution an effective body to promote the interest of the engineering community.

Engr. Qazi who had earlier served as honorary secretary of Engineering Cooperative Housing Society assured that all decisions will be taken on consensus and the forum will be solely used for the promotion of engineering community. They will devote all the available resources for fulfilling the IEP’s laid down objectives.

IEP is the apex body of the professional engineers, and operates with the objective of promoting and advancing engineering and technology throughout Pakistan. It also promotes professional interest and social welfare of members besides promoting the study of engineering with a view to disseminate information for facilitating the scientific and economical development of engineering profession in Pakistan.

The committee decided to start a lecture series from February 27. The first lecture on GHG emissions trends and technology-options for reduction in Pakistan will be delivered by a renowned environmental expert Javed Ali Khan.


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