Karachi citizens must exercise restraint and avoid confrontation on Mustafa Kamal’s press conference

MONTREAL: Ali Abbas Hasanie, Secretary of Overseas Pakistanis Forum in Canada, has appealed to the citizens of Karachi to exercise wisdom and prudence and show restraint to avoid confrontation on Mustafa Kamal’s Press conference against the leadership of MQM. It is not uncommon to speak out your mind against so called the evils of the society if you so believe and it is the duty of each of us to respond to it in a civilized, peaceful and democratic manner if you so wish beyond your commitment and loyalty to any political leader or political party.

Mustafa Kamal is a noble son of nation whose loyalty and achievements for the people of Pakistan in general and the people of Karachi, in particular, are highly admirable. It will be a sad day for all us if anyone attack on his life or the life his associate, his personality and the sincerity in revenge or loyalty to a political leader or a party. The common citizens of Karachi and Pakistan must use their individual judgement and sagacity to accept or reject his statement but not overreact and create disunity and confrontation which is already so fragile in that region.

We noticed that some Media and political leaders had already started to exploit this incident to gain media hike or the political scoring with no respect to the national unity and the undue criticism of our nation in the eyes of the world. We must stop public statements on this issue and let the law enforcement authorities to take their course on the information brought to their attention.

Let’s join hands to beat exploitation, corruption, terrorism and injustices to build an honourable and Just society in Pakistan.


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